Monday, June 21, 2010

Guess what?

Can you guess what this is? Go ahead and take a stab at it.
Then let me know what you thought it was and what kind of a
creative trip your mind took you on.

Scroll down for a closer look and the answer.

Okay, how many of you guessed the under belly of our resident duck? Isn't that hilarious? Rick and I were sitting in the family room when I heard something at the back door.
Could it be one of our critters trying to get our attention from the back of the house? He went to investigate and couldn't see anything...until he looked up on the breakfast nook skylight. There he was, exposing himself for all to see.
I can't say I have ever seen this side of a (living) duck before. I guess he'll go to any extreme to get our attention. Like I said, they have enough gumption and nerve to let us know when it's feeding time (which, by the way, is all of the time).

Spring and all that she has to offer!

Spring has sprung! 'Squeekers' has made his annual return.
He is quite content with his daily supply of peanuts.
The ducks have decided that they want in on the good stuff. No more bread tossed into the pond. Oh, no. They are up on the deck and even pressing their beaks against the glass doors to announce they are ready to be served.
Mother and I went out to Flower World to pick up some plants and were greeted by their resident rooster. I love the colors on this fellow.
And of course you all know 'Blackie' and his wife 'Brownie'. They have taken up residence in the cattails now for the past 3 years. We are happy to see them back. They don't mind us hanging out on the deck with them. His chirping is the first thing I hear in the morning and he doesn't let up until he is fed. He doesn't mind sharing with the squirrels, but the crows are another story. Names of the critters provided by Molly.
Mother spent a month and a half with us this spring. Doesn't she look beautiful? This picture was taken on Mother's Day. She has on a new outfit and new pearls. Rick bought her an orchid coursage and Amanda gave her a new hair cut. She is so darling.
Usually Mother comes around Thanksgiving and stays for a few months, but she decided that it would be nice to see the rhododenrons this year. They really put on a show for her. Since different colors bloom at different times she had a hard time deciding which were her favorites. I think she decided on the dark purple.
Isn't she the cutest little mama ever?
And doesn't she have a handsome son-in-law?
Sadie decided she needed to be in the photo. She loves mother
(not to mention all of the extra attention and treats she gets when mom is here).
Yep, she spoils us all, even the dog.
Even Mt. Rainier was nice enough to make an appearance.
I love this mound of evergreen azaleas. It really showcases the red in the leaves of the maple tree above it. Here the davidii is in bloom and the flowering crab apple is too.
Ahhh, spring!
A few years ago, I picked up this heavy iron fence at a garage sale for $50. I placed one section here in the rose garden and then added another section along the upper lawn (to the left of the photo) and planted roses in front of it also. One can never have too many roses. I will post a picture with them all in bloom - gorgeous!
Here is a new addition to the yard. A white deciduous azalea
that is as fragrant as it is beautiful.
The many colors of spring in the front yard.
I love the chartreuse green on the lime mound spirea,
tom thumb cotoneaster's red berries
and the burgandy of the crimson pygmy barberry all together.
A favorite pink of mothers.
Here is one of the
fragrant deciduous azaleas
'Glowing Embers' up close.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hawaii ~

Here are Molly and Jane's grandparents.
Molly says," they are all very nice and she loves us all."
Here is the story of our Hawaiian vacation together.
Rick decided to take me to Hawaii for my 50th birthday. Tom & Debi were going to be there so they invited us to meet up with them. They took us around to all of their favorite locations on Maui. We loved every minute of it.
The first morning looking out from our balcony we caught a rainbow over the ocean.
Our first evening, we went to dinner and sat out on the deck.
The breeze was cold but the sunset was beautiful.
Tom & DebiThe next morning, Tom & Debi took us to now one of our favorite spots. It is very rocky and the surf and spray were powerful and facinating to watch. Nearby is a labyrinth that we walked through. Nothing like it to begin our stress free vacation.
Here the water is receeding.
It is amazing to see that living creatures are able to cling to these
rocks with all of that powerful surf. Me
The guys.
The girls.
The weather was rainy, windy and overcast at times.
Here we were able to catch a few rays.
Debi loaned me a rash guard to keep me from burning.
Something I am very good at I might add.
Enjoying a little shade under the famous banyan tree.
Here is a bigger picture of the tree. It is quite amanzing.
Rick and I with Lahaina in the background.
Tom & Debi
The girls. This tuberose lei was so fragrant.
It smelled like heaven. I loved it.
A beautiful sunset.
Rick & Lori
The four of us at Mama's Fish House.
What a fabulous feast.
The presentation was works of art and the taste was magnificent.
This is one of the rare (and I'm not just a kidding) moments
when I had my eyes open in a photograph.
What can I say, I blink when a light flashes in front of my face!
Why does that surprise you?
On Tom and Debi's last day, we strolled through the labyrinth one last time.
I have to say that is one of the top rated experiences in my life. I loved it.
It can be quite emotional to say the least. We hated saying goodbye to our dear friends. They really showed us a great time.
Thanks you guys for a fabulous funfilled week.
I can't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday. Isn't this a gorgeous sunset?
and then as if on cue, a sail boat entered the scene.
On our last evening in paradise we went to a luau and

enjoyed our last sunset.
Oh yeah, Rick loved driving the Mustang convertible.

Birthday Surprise!

Dave and Brenda decided to come to Seattle to surprise me for my 50th birthday. Did I just admit to turning 50? We had the best time visiting the Tulip Festival. But the great weather we had been enjoying the months before (and caused everything to bloom early) disappeared and we had a cold front move it. We were freezing...
I took a few shoots of some of my favorites.
Red fringe and yellow parrot tulips.
Gorgeous combination of orange/pink tulips with purple hyacinths.
Fields of reds and pinks were everywhere.
It was so cold, I don't know how the tulips stood it!
I beautiful field of pink tulips at the base of the mountain.
I loved this picture with the tractor in a field of yellow tulips.
Oh, and by the way, did I mention it snowed? We still have a great time together. Eating and seeing the sights of Seattle. We even visited a few model train stores for Dave's new hobby.